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Demande d'aide de Greenpeace

Dear friends,

I'd like to thank all of you who gave so generously to our appeal a week ago (below). It's not every day you learn that your own government is targeting you for standing up to polluters and taking part in the democratic process – your support means a lot to all of us here at Greenpeace.

In return, I want to assure you we will not be intimidated by Harper’s attacks. We will expose his campaign to silence opposition to his dirty oil agenda and redouble our efforts to stop the expansion of Canada’s tar sands.

I invite you to read a copy of my opinion piece carried by the Globe and Mail yesterday: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/opinions/opinion/mr-harper-dissent-is-vital-to-democracy/article2349447/

Now more than ever we need our supporters to stand with us. Your support is essential in this fight.

Thank you,
Bruce Cox
Executive Director
Greenpeace Canada

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Support Greeneace
Dear ute,
I was disappointed to read today’s report in the Globe and Mail about Greenpeace being under surveillance as a security threat and labelled by our government as ‘extremists’.
Disappointed, but not surprised.
Once again, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government is attacking the environmental movement.
You count on Greenpeace to be an independent, uncompromising voice for our planet.
This year, we need your help like never before.
Last month the prime minister expressed his concern that “foreign money” was interfering with Canada’s prosperity. By “foreign money” he meant US charitable foundations contributing to Canadian environmental groups working to protect wilderness areas impacted by the oil industry.
Soon after, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver accused environmental groups of being foreign-funded puppets “hijack[ing] our regulatory system to achieve their radical ideological agenda.”
We presume by this he meant our agenda calling for a fair environmental assessment of pipelines that would stretch over the Rockies and through the Great Bear Rainforest, bringing over 200 oil tankers to B.C.’s pristine coast every year.
Digging deeper, we obtained a government document under the Access to Information Act that shows the government is actively working with oil companies to promote their climate-killing agenda. The strategy document divided Canadians into “allies” like the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and “adversaries” such as environmental organizations and First Nations.
Today’s news in the Globe and Mail confirms the ugly truth: This government wants to silence Greenpeace. Secret surveillance on peaceful, non-violent organizations it disagrees with is nothing short of an attack on democracy.
In these worrying times, we need your help. Please, help strengthen the Greenpeace movement with a donation today.
As Leader of the Official Opposition in 2005, Stephen Harper himself said: "When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent... is when it's rapidly losing its moral authority to govern."
They say the truth shall set you free. And you, our friends and allies, know that Greenpeace has nothing to hide. Ninety-five per cent of our funding comes from YOU: individual donors and supporters. We send back corporate cheques and do not accept government funding.
The real “radicals” are out there lobbying to bring hundreds of tankers to B.C.’s coast every year. They are out there with their heads in the tar sands, while the world faces an imminent climate catastrophe. The real radicals are threatening to silence Greenpeace.
Help us fight back. This is not just an attack on Greenpeace, it’s an attack on democracy. It’s an attack on our planet. Stand with us, make a donation today.

Bruce Cox,
Executive Director,
Greenpeace Canada